Minillas Oscar II Of A Dream

Oscar SE31743/2021 • fawn m svart mask hane • Född: 2021-04-01

Meriter: BIS-valp x 2, Excellent, r-cert (DK), junior-cert (DK), cert (NO)

Ch Roses Castiel Of Tangetoppen

Ch Xoe's Oscar De La Hoya

Ch School House Pocket Watch

Ch Rose's Knock Down Eight Count

Tangetoppen's Hot As Hell

Los Chatos Del Turia I Spy Tangetop

Ch Tangetoppen's Annie Get Your Gun

Ch Whoop-De-Do Hold Your Fire

Ch Treasure-Rose Electra

Ch Xoe's Vouge

Tangetoppen's X-Ray Of Love

Ch Tangetoppen's Troublemaker

Ch Rose-Treasure Good Day Sunshine

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