Minillas Tiffany of Happiness

Tiffany SE29675/2019 • fawn m svart mask tik • Född: 2019-04-25

Patella ua • PDE N/S • Meriter: BIS-2 valp My Dog 2020, junior-cert DK

Ch Tangetoppen's Noble Wice Guy

Ch Roses Castiel Of Tangetoppen

Ch Xoe's Oscar De La Hoya

Ch Tangetoppen's Mysterious Ihlegrande

Ch Tangetoppen's Annie Get Your Gun

Ch Kingpoint Wannabe Tangetoppen

Ch Tangetoppen's Arising Poenix

Los Chatos Del Turia I Spy Tangetop

Tangetoppen's Kiss From A Rose

Ch Rose-Treasure Good Day Sunshine

Tangetoppen's Temptation

Ch Tangetoppen's Niceguys Get T'Girls

Ch Tangetoppen's Wiggle Waggle

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